700-800KG/H fish feed extruder

fish feed extruder machine

Fish feed extrusion machine are the machinery used to produce extruded petfood, (floating) extruded aquatic feeds and extruded animal feeds. The extrusion cooking process, because it causes a high level of gelatinisation of starches, results in feeds with good water stability. this fish feed extruer machine can produce ‘expanded’ floating feeds as well as sinking pellets. The process also improves the digestibility of the product. However, extrusion cookers are usually very large and expensive to purchase and operate. Feeds which …

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400-500KG/H fish feed extruder

fish feed machine price

Extrusion processing technology has become of major importance in the production of modern feeds used in intensive aquaculture. In recent years there has been a constant growth in the application of extruded diets for aquatic feeding. Aquatic feed by extrusion have superior water stability, better floating property and a higher energy than pelleted diets, which contributes to the increase in fish growth and improvement in feed conversion. Therefore compared with the conventional pelleting process, extrusion technology is the most efficient …

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500-600KG/H fish feed extruder

floating fish feed extruder

wet type floating fish feed extruder is equipped with a boiler which can continuously providing hot steam. floating fish feed extruder can produce all kinds of floating or sinking aqua feed for fish, eel, shrimp, crab, loach, bullfrog, etc, and can produce many kinds of pet feeds for cat, dog, and etc. The pellet size can be from 0.9-15mm to feed different size fishes. High capacity and top quality products, Wet type Sinking and Floating Fish Feed Extruder is a preferred choice for medium …

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300-400KG/H feed extrusion machine

fish feed extrusion machine

this type of floating fish feed extrusion machine belongs to wet method type feed extruding machine for kinds of fish, which is specialized for big production capacity and big feed production factory,this type fish feed extrusion machine can produce floating fish feed pellets with diameter from 0.9-15mm, applicable to produce pet food, fish feed pellets, shrimp feed and other animal feed pellets.besides,except floating type fish feed extruder machine, we have sinking type feed pellet mill for making sinking pellets. As the major part of fish …

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