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Victor Pellet Machine is specialized in manufacturing and exporting feed pellet mills and fish feed pellet mills delivering turnkey projects including animal feed production line and poultry feed crusher mixer machine. Till 2017,Victor Pellet Machine has succeeded in completing more than 700 projects all over the world. we are received widely praise from our customers.our pellet mills and crusher mixer machine are already exported to South Africa, US, Phillippines, India, Pakistan, Australia, Maputo, Malaysia,Tansania, Venezuela,Thailand,Zimbabwei,etc all over the world.Victor Pellet Machine are expert in design and manufacturing feed pelleting solutions for any scale feed pellets industry,Victor Pellet Machine also design and manufacture ancillary equipment used in pelleting process



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Victor Pellet Mill is established in 2000 and has since been devoted to supplying top quality feed pelleting equipment up to Certified European (CE) specifications. We are expert in the design and manufacturing feed pelleting solutions for any scale feed pellets industry. We also design and manufacture ancillary equipment used in the pelleting process. Owning a professional team with specialized theoretical and practical background, we can offer full scale service to our customers by developing projects from blueprint , customized solution, machinery production to installation and commission……


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For our pellet mill can guarantee at least twelve months time, if the quality have problem we will undertake the compensation for you.

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we knowing victor pellet machine from google, it is a good impression for victor pellet machine company.Through three years of cooperation, we know victor pellet machine have deep understanding, the production process conducted a series of quality control, A pleasure to do business with them!
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