Chicken feed pellets making

Some chicken farmers are accustomed to feeding chickens with raw grains such as corn, millet, sorghum, etc. This is not only to reduce feed utilization but also harm will cause more feed wasted.No grinded raw grain is convenient and saves labor, saves money but the feed utilization rate is low. Because chickens have no teeth and swallow without chewing, its with short intestine.Chickens eaten food will stay in the intestines for a short period just 4 hours, It’s hard to fully digest and absorb,so much food waste. Because chickens are simply fed with some kind of raw grain, their varieties are monotonous and their nutrients are incomplete. Long-term feeding will cause influence on the growth and development of chicken.Feeding chickens with raw grains has low digestive levels and incomplete nutrition, which results in poor growth of baby chicks,slow growth of broilers,low egg production, and low economic efficiency. The correct method of feeding is to grind the raw grains such as corn,wheat to powder and formulate other materials such as bran, bean cake, fish meal, bone meal, stone meal, etc to pellet, then feed the chicken.

Baby chicks feeding need higher energy and higher protein requirements. In general rations, grain (corn, broken rice, etc.) is 50-60%,bran (rice bran, wheat bran, etc.) is 5-10%; oil cakes (peanut cake, bean cake, sesame cake, etc.) are 20-25%; animal feed (fish meal, meat meal, etc.) is 7-20%; bone meal, shell powder 4-5%; table salt 0.3-0.5%. Green feed is fed in addition, especially when there is no vitamin additive, green feed can not be fed off, and the feed amount is about 30-50% of the concentrate feed.

Laying hens need a specific level of protein and minerals in order to produce those eggs day after day. They don’t have much in the way of reserves. To make a shell, she has to first take in calcium from her feed, deposit it in her skeleton, and then extract it from those bones.the.The egg white is almost pure protein, and so she needs to steadily eat protein to then expel it in the form of the egg.

In order to promote the normal growth of broilers, prevent disease, increase yield and economic efficiency,The feed pellet should add amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, antibiotics, antioxidants, fungicides, enzymes and colorants to improve broiler growing.Additives must be fully mixed and mixed in the feed.The type and amount of addition should be determined according to the actual needs, such as most feed diets, vitamins and trace elements are incomplete, should pay attention to add an appropriate proportion of a variety of vitamins and trace element additives, Summer rain often add anti-mildew agents and antioxidants.